Meeting Minutes 2007
Minutes – December 11, 2006
Officers Present: Andi Kolhoff, Stan Klein, Donna Holycross, & Sallie Wisecarver
Secretary – Minutes/notes from Nov 11th presented by AK.
Treasurer - $1332.12
Membership – Over 50 households - Influx of 24-post newsletter.
Old Business:
Signs – Bob Moreo will help AK with putting together signs to announce meetings.
Traffic Signal – Correspondence received from Livonia Traffic Commission. Light will be removed per Wayne County’s report. Wonderland
Development Traffic Study indicates a light to be added approx 475 ft north of Orangelawn. (Top of Target store)
Caroling Event – 20 persons participated in the event on Saturday, Dec 2nd. Discussion for next year to move the date (Goodfellows &
Livonia Christmas Walk same day) or partner with Clements Circle.
Newsletter – LPS printed this edition for $118 (significant reduction from $208) Delivery was not as timely as prior. Discussion of having
only 3 per year so delivery would be done when warm.
New Business:
Correspondence was sent to Don Rodde thanking him for the Santa suit and softball.
Request school crossing on West Chicago across Middlebelt to Emerson
Delhay Street is in terrible shape. Report conditions to Don Knapp and Livonia Roads Dept.
Dog Run Area – suggestion from residents Fred Ryan and David Reimer. Check out run in Hines Park. Possible location next to Ice Arena.
Neighborhood Watch Signs Request be posted especially on streets abutting Wonderland.
Minutes - November 13, 2006
Officers Present: Andi Kolhoff, Donna Holycross, & Sallie Wisecarver
Secretary – Position still needs to be filled. Steve Kolhoff typed up minutes from Oct 12th meeting.
Treasurer - $852.12 – Donna Holycross took position of checkbook from AK and will get spreadsheet with details.
Membership – 28 households on roster. Expect flux of members after newsletter delivery. Afterwards, seek additional members through
mailing to past members and softball & soccer league participant households.
Old Business:
Budget Update – Meeting Costs down $20 from $50/mtg decreased budget $300.
Neighborhood Watch Program – Brief article in newsletter. Desire to get more active group – especially when Wal-Mart opens. Issues for
Police to come and talk about (possibly sharing w/ Clements Circle) Speeding cars & busses, school loading/unloading-volunteers also
get license plates of speeders, Hands in Windows (for children to know safe house), Stop signs not effective for speeders.
Signs – Announcing Events – AK to make more signs from political leftovers. Put signs out on Saturday. Distribute signs to several people
so all does not fall on one person. Establish a reminder call chain.
Traffic Signal – Orangelawn & Middlebelt – AK wrote letter to Kevin Priddy, Traffic Commissioner, and requesting LTC’s involvement on
October 17. No response yet.
Park Pavilion – Approved and part of City’s Park & Rec budget. Still concern over reserving and cost. Would like to know if pavilion will be
located over current slab or new slab. Hopefully new slab and leave current. City Status: Request For Proposal = Bids = Low Bid = Build in
New Business:
Caroling & Kids Crafts – Scheduled for December 2 at 2:00 p.m. Jerry to provide name of individual who lead carols and provided song
sheets. AK will provide craft projects. AK to contact Vickie Reed.
Newsletter Delivery – Newsletter should be ready for distribution by weekend. Jerry to contact Scouts for help in delivery.
Web Site – Andi & Steve Kolhoff will donate the costs of the web site ($13/month) until DACA is solvent to pay for it. AK will keep it updated.
Other News/Announcements – Cooper Elementary School received a second bomb threat today (written in red on girls’ bathroom wall).
(Prior threat was on Thursday, Nov 9th.) School was kept in session after police swept bldg. Thoughts and prayers go to students and
Minutes submitted by Andi Kolhoff.
MEETING MINUTES – Oct. 9th 2006
Treasurer – $871.12 in the Savings Account
Membership – There were 9 new- and 14 renewal Individual, and 11 new- and 28 renewal Household memberships, plus an $80.00
Old Business:
Soccer – There are 41 kid for the Fall Soccer League
Corn Roast Report – 180 Tickets sold.        $616.50 Sales
                                                                     $685.23 Expenses
                                                                     $  68.73 Contributed by DACA Treasury

Park Pavilion – Councilman Knapp took to Planning Comm. – No objections.Public Hearing scheduled for October 25th 2006
New Business:
Budget – Review of ’05-’06, and New/Projected for ’06-’07.  Donna Holycross presented a 2006 statement and Projected budget for
Newsletter – Joan Zamenski suggested Accept & Recruit Advertising $$ from local Merchants.
Events – Set Dates
1.        Caroling – December 2nd 2006
2.        Euchre/Bowling Outings – TBD
3.        Easter Egg Hunt – April 7th 2007
4.        Corn Roast ’07 – August 18th 2007
Signs for Meetings – Discussed
Minutes submitted by Steve Kolhoff
Minutes – January 8, 2007
Officers Present: Andi Kolhoff, Stan Klein, Donna Holycross, & Sallie Wisecarver
Treasurer - $1,592.12
Membership – 59 households (13 new)
Old Business:
Signs – Announcing Events & Meetings – Bob Moreo provided two additional meeting signs that were place out on Sunday. He has
supplies for a couple more.
School Crossing Sign – Middlebelt at West Chicago – No action taken in Dec. Stan Klein to follow up with school. Also check on why there
is a no turn on red from southbound Middlebelt onto West Chicago. Maybe make it school hours only?
Delhay Street  – Road condition reported by AK to Livonia DPW. They will inspect and contact AK back.
Barking Lot – Dog Walk/Run Area – City Council (Resolution 760-01) was referred to the Mayor’s Office in 2001 for a report and
recommendation. No action has been taken on it by the city. Mayor’s office will follow up and start the process again.
Neighborhood Watch Signs – No action taken. AK will contact LPD NW program for signs. Must check neighborhood for streets with no
Corn Roast – Date changed to 8/11/07
New Business:
Suggested Activities for Neighborhood: Tiger Game, Redford Theatre, Casino trip. Possibly do the Tiger Game with the DACA Softball
Website: Next year feature pictures of holiday lights of neighborhood houses. Maybe front (street side) gardens during the spring and
Newsletter: Add section to welcome new neighbors, announce babies, and send wishes to military men and women.
Other News/Announcements:
City is having trees in right-of-way trimmed in our neighborhood.        
Minutes – February 12, 2007
Officers Present: Andi Kolhoff, Donna Holycross, & Sallie Wisecarver
Secretary – Minutes/Notes from January 8 presented by AK
Treasurer – $1,692.12
Membership – 76 households
Old Business:
Signs – Announcing Events & Meetings – Wisecarvers will obtain a estimate for a banner sign (to be used at events to thank sponsors)
School Crossing Sign – Middlebelt at West Chicago
Barking Lot - Dog Walk/Run Area – Requested formal update from City. “Unofficial” response was that legal saw possibly increase in
liability and that re-allocating part of the part would infringe on the park’s intent for current users, etc.
Neighborhood Watch Signs – No action. AK will be attending the neighborhood leaders’ conference and will bring back information.
New Business:
Softball – Tony Perez gave an update on the Softball program and registration dates will be March 6-8 at McKinley. Practices will begin April
23rd and games begin May 14th.
Soccer – Calla Pollack is unable to run soccer program. DACA is looking for someone to run the program in order to have a soccer
Other News/Announcements:
Nathan Tyler Moreo was born on January 16, 2007, at 12:16 am weighing in at 8 lbs, 8oz, to the proud parents, Bob and Robin Moreo.
LPS Asset Utilization Committee Update – No news on the Jefferson site. Watch on LPS web site under News/Events
Meeting Minutes from April 9, 2007
Officers Present:
Andi Kolhoff, Stan Klein, Donna Holycross, Sallie Wisecarver & Jerry Bagazinski
Secretary – (reviewed notes from prior mtg)
Treasurer – $2,390.12
Membership – 77 households
Old Business:
  1. Sign/Banner – Andi will get estimate for banner, Bob will check into options.
  2. School Crossing Sign – Middlebelt at West Chicago – need to contact Emerson principal & decide what changes we need to make
    a safer crossing for the students. Look for political support from LPS, Kay Beard, Traffic Commission, etc.
  3. Soccer – Almost 60 participants take the field on Saturday mornings.
  4. Easter Egg Hunt – Great turnout from both egg hunters and donations of candy from our residents. Plan on next year with the
  5. Newsletter – Scheduled for printer on 4/13/07 and delivery individuals needed.
  6. Pavilion Update – The city council approved the pavilion bid award. The pavilion will be placed over the present slab. Don Knapp
    fasts tracked the petition through the city’s red tape in hopes that the pavilion will be ready for Corn Roast.
New Business:
  1. Neighborhood Leader Meeting – AK gave summary of the meeting.
    Crime statistics have remained about the same as past years. Car Hopping (perps walking by cars and checking for unlocked
    doors) is on the rise – make sure to not leave valuables in car and lock car. Additional officers will be on the street (though unseen
    by both us and perps.)
    Dan West, Chamber President, Wonderland Development ongoing with major stores opened by Christmas, Livonia Mall to have
    plans to City by Spring, College Park – TCF Bank moved their HQ to Livonia from Ann Arbor, Livonia is 97-98% developed and so
    efforts are focused on “re-developing.” There is an interest on reviving a Holiday/Christmas Parade. In Wayne County there are
    40,000 homes for sale – average is 11,000.
2. Corn Roast Committee – Members are needed to help. Contact Andi to volunteer for the August 11th event.
Meeting Minutes from May 14, 2007
Officers Present:
Andi Kolhoff, Stan Klein, Donna Holycross, & Sallie Wisecarver

The meeting was called to order. AK needed to leave early in order to appear in front of the City Council for Corn Roast street closure

AK also informed the attendees of the following: The Wonderland Detention Pond Issue will be brought up during public comment at the
City Council meeting. Jerry Bagazinski, Joan Zamenski, and Jim Case were making statements as to what has been happening to the
size, shape and function of the pond.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:40 for interested parties to attend the City Council meeting. (No officer reports. – saved until next month.)

At the City Council Meeting: Our residents brought up the issues (from above). After much discussion and confusion of the council, Don
Knapp made a resolution for the issue to be brought to a Committee of the Whole and asked for an administrative report from the Mayor
and Department Heads from Engineering, Planning, and Legal. –

Committee of the Whole - Meeting is scheduled for June 19th at 7:00 pm at the City Hall, Council Chambers – 2nd Floor.
Meeting Minutes from June 11, 2007

Officers Present:
Andi Kolhoff, Stan Klein, Donna Holycross, & Sallie Wisecarver

The meeting was called to order. AK needed to leave early in order due to sick child. Stan will run meeting to conclusion.

Treasurer Report: $2,148.80 balance
Membership Report: 99 members

Corn Roast Meetings to be held at home of Andi Kolhoff. She will contact those who volunteered for meeting date and time.