Meeting Minutes 2007-2008
Minutes for June 9, 2008

Members Present: Ryan; Reimer; Banny; Moreo; D. Wisecarver; S. Wisecarver; Kolhoff; S. Klein; R. Klein; Holycross; Krause; Plafchan;
Case; Delphia; Weis
Treasurer’s Report:        Current balance is $3709.05.
Membership: Membership is currently 99, with 34 new members, 1 non-resident member
Old Business:
Corn Roast: AK: 8/9 Need volunteers. Committee meetings will be on Mondays, the first on 6/23, others in July TBA. Meeting time 7:30 p.m.
at the Kolhoff residence.
Movies: AK: Received check from Telecom C.U. for $500.00. 3 movies will be presented, dates TBA.
Membership Dues: Rolling membership with postcard renewal reminders. Motion: Moreo, Second: S. Klein. Motion approved.
Newsletter: Articles due by 6/30. Newsletter to printer that week. Delivery 7/6-12. More volunteers are needed to deliver. SK disappointed
with softball coaches not volunteering to deliver.
DACA By-laws: AK:B. Moreo has draft copy of revised by-laws. Newsletter will have information regarding September 2008 meeting and by-
laws. AK will provide copies of by-laws upon request.        

New Business:
Wonderland; FR; 3 shopping carts are at bottom of berm by wall, much dead grass on berm behind Wal-Mart.
Traffic: Speeding on Orangelawn, between Middlebelt and Henry Ruff since stop signs have been removed. 2 vehicles were vandalized on
Orangelawn. Sen. Anderson’s staff is looking into traffic signage in the area.
Softball: Adult- excellent turnout, 20 players showed, 2 teams were completed.  
Soccer: 61 players just finished the spring season.
  BM: 6/11 Democratic Congressional candidate debate @ Livonia Senior Center, 7 p.m. 6/16 Jaycees benefit @ Panera Bread on
Haggerty from 5p.m. – 7p.m. $10 donation. 7/19 BM will host a re-election BBQ for Commissioner Bowman .

Minutes for May 12, 2008

Members Present: Ryan; Holycross; Wisecarver, S; Wisecarver, D; Kolhoff; Reimer; Banny; Gradowski, A; Gradowski, PJ; Delphia; Moreo;
Treasurer’s Report:         Current balance is $2732.05.
Membership: Membership is currently 97 (31 new members) & 1non-resident member

Special Guest:  Ronaele Bowman, Wayne County Commissioner, District 12.  Introduced herself to D.A.C.A. and discussed County
budget; Aerotropolis project; and mass transit. Then took questions from membership.  
Old Business:
Corn Roast: Date is 8/9. Volunteers are needed to help with corn roast.
Corn roast committee will meet once in June and several times in July.
Movies in the Park: Telcom Credit Union has donated $500.00 and will sponsor 3 movies. Movies will be rented from Criterion. Dates TBA.
New Business:
Membership: Discussion was held regarding membership due dates and grace
periods. Subject tabled.
Document shredding: Possibly will be held in July. Need to check with the church or LPS regarding use of parking lot.
Livonia-opoly:  Board of Directors approved buying space on Jaycees fundraiser project. Jaycees need to be paid.

Minutes for April 14, 2008

Members Present: Ryan; Reimer; Moreo; Plafchan; Wisecarver, D.; Wisecarver, S.; Spilsbury; Kolhoff; Holycross
Treasurer’s Report:         Current balance is $2763.62. Nothing has been dispersed for soccer.
Membership: Membership is currently 86, with 31 new members, 1 non-resident member

Old Business:
Softball; Fund-raiser at Noodles & Co. on 4/22 from 4 p. m. -9 p. m. There have been complaints about lack of small gravel on the ball diamonds; issue will be
referred to Tony Perez.
Park Clean-up: AK: 5/3 from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. Stan will oversee the project, and has gotten Troop 732 to help out on the cleanup. It’s important that everyone
sign in.
Newsletter: Printed on 4/14. Stan will distribute and is trying to get some kids from softball to help deliver.
Soccer: 2 weeks until start. 50+ kids signed up.
Adult Softball: Starts 6/1 Schedule will be in newsletter.

New Business:
Corn Roast: Date for roast is 8/9. Corn Roast committee starts in June.
Neighbor helping Neighbor: Association to compile list of resources for ride assist, childcare, food bank.
Schools: DW: Per Mr. Dickie, the bus loading area at Emerson has been moved.
Activities: Telcom Credit Union has offered to sponsor Movies in the Park with a donation of between $500-$1000.
Traffic: After Wonderland construction is completed a traffic study will be done.         
DACA By-laws: Revised Article IX, Section 2; Article X, Section 1; Article XI, Section 1, Article XIII.

Minutes for March 10, 2007
Members Present: Ryan; Reimer; Holycross; Kolhoff;
Treasurer’s Report:   Current balance is $2528.11. Balance unchanged.
Membership: Membership is currently 84, with 30 new members, 1 non-resident

Old Business:
Park Clean-up: AK: The city has set the date, 5/3 from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. Stan and Rita to co-chair the clean-up committee.
Neighborhood Watch: AK: Other Civic Associations have prior commitments. Perhaps a Fall date can be arranged.
Soccer & Softball: 2008 is the 50th year for softball in Devon Aire. Tony Perez will be President of softball this year. 28 sign-ups for soccer, more 6 and 7 year
olds are needed.

New Business:
Newsletter: Articles due by 3/21.
DACA By-laws: Discussion tabled.

Minutes for February 11, 2007

Members Present: Ryan; Reimer; Moreo; Holycross; Delphia; Kolhoff; Wisecarver, D.; Wisecraver, S.

Treasurer’s Report:     Current balance is $2528.11. Balance unchanged.
Membership: Membership is currently 84, with 30 new members, 1 non-resident member

Old Business:
Storage: AK: Space is 10 x 6, rental is $25.00 per month.
Wonderland: AK: AK was invited to a Traffic Commission meeting Middlebelt/Orangelawn light to be re-evaluated at a later date.
W. Chicago/Middlebelt: TD: Per the Safe Schools Initiative, the principle of Emerson Middle School needs to start process regarding signage at intersection.

New Business:
Easter Egg Hunt: AK: Due to the early date of Easter, the church has decided to cancel the hunt this year. Possibly do a Spring Fling or an event in the fall.
Park Clean-up: AK: The city has set the date, 5/3 from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.
Neighborhood Watch: AK to contact Old Rosedale and Clement Circle associations regarding holding a joint community meeting with LPD.
Soccer & Softball: Sign ups are the first full week in March at McKinley.
Crime Statistics: AK: Reviewed crime stats as provided by LPD.
Street Signage: AK: The City is currently going through the neighborhood evaluating all traffic signs.
DACA By-laws: Reviewed Articles VII to IX, revisions were suggested for Article VI, section 3 and Article VIII, section 8.

Other Business: Rob Moreo elected Chairman of City Government Committee.        

Meeting Minutes from January 14, 2007

Members Present:  Ryan; Reimer; Wisecarver, S.; Wisecarver, D.; Spilsbury; Kolhoff; Holycross; Strzempka; Plafchan; Delphia; Klein; Weis.

Minutes:        Approved
Treasurer’s Report: Current balance is $2528.11.
Membership: Membership is currently 83, with 30 new members, 1 non-resident member

Old Business:
Storage: SK: Church approved D.A.C.A rental at $25 per month. Church President suggests that items of value be insured by D.A.C.A.
Wonderland: AK: Resident at 30919 Orangelawn reported that he has had rats living under his deck since the old Wonderland was torn down. Reported rat
problem to city. City advised resident that rat control was is responsibility. Not true, rat control is city’s responsibility.
Reports of kids playing on detention pond ice and much foot traffic on berm.
AK: Traffic Commission needs to re-visit traffic issues for mall.

New Business:
Paper Shredding: AK; Proposal to a company to come to Devon Aire a shred paper. Cost would be 15 cents per pound for residents. A minimum of $50.00 is
required from D.A.C.A. If residents meet the minimum, D.A.C.A. will not have to pay.         Motion: Ryan        Second: Motion carried
DACA By-laws:  Reviewed Articles VI to VII, revisions were suggested for Articles VI.
Spring Dates: Soccer and Softball sign up 2nd Wed and Thurs in March; Easter Egg Hunt, March 8th; Spring Park Clean-up, TBD by city, usually 1st Saturday in

Other Business:
Peeping Tom on Hillcrest on1/14/08 @ 6:30 a.m. Suspect is white male 18-20, driving a white of silver pick-up truck.
DW: LPS looking at adding A/C to schools, possibly for libraries and computer labs  

Meeting December 10, 2007 - NO MEETING

Meeting Minutes from November 12, 2007

Members Present:  Ryan, Reimer, Barker, Spilsbury, Klein, Plafchan, Wisecarver, Delphia, Holycross, Kolhoff, Strzempka, Banny, Knapp.

Treasurer’s Report:         Current balance is $3162.89.
Membership:  Membership is currently 80, with 30 new members.

Old Business:
Storage: AK: Approached church about renting storage, church declined due to liability concerns. A new location will be needed. Perhaps contacting nearby
storage facilities, re; a discount rate in trade for a free ad in the newsletter.
Newsletter: AK: Last issue was phenomenal! Thanks to those that submitted articles. S. Klein co-coordinated deliver.
Advertising: AK: Will consider setting up a committee to solicit advertising for newsletter.
Candidates Night: AK: 100+ people attended the Candidates Night at Emerson Jr. High. Will plan on doing it again for future elections.
Election: AK: 23% turnout in precinct. Lack of parking cited as concern for future elections.

New Business:
DACA By-laws:  Reviewed Articles I to V, revisions were suggested for Articles III, IV and V.
Recycling:  Recycling at McKinley, nothing new to report.

Other Business:
Christmas Sing-a-long at Wilson Barn sponsored by Clements Circle Civic Association, December 1, 2007 at 6:30 p.m.
Car vandalized on Louise at Minton.
Don Knapp reported that Quicken Loans was moving out of Livonia. Move would be completed in 3 years. Holiday Tree lighting ceremony will be December 4,
2007 at City Hall.
SW: Nominated Fred Ryan for Secretary of DACA. FR was then elected to the post.

Meeting Minutes from October 8, 2007

Officers Present: Andi Kolhoff, Stan Klein, Donna Holycross, & Sallie Wisecarver

Treasurer Report: $2,598.89 balance
Membership Report: 68 members

Old Business:
Newsletter  - Looking for a coordinator and publisher. We have someone who will put together (edit) the newsletter for $20 per issue.  Will need to further discuss
with individual and get specifics. AK will put together newsletter together this month for Candidates’ Night.

Storage Options – In lieu of paying a commercial storage facility, asked Nativity Church if they have available space. Pat McArthur will take issue to their Board.

New Business:
07-08 Budget overview & recommendations – Prior year’s expenditures and income were review and new budget passed as presented.

07-08 DACA Budget
Meeting                            400.00
Insurance                        220.00
Storage                            300.00
Outings                            200.00
Easter Egg Hunt             120.00
Newsletters                     400.00
Advertising/Promotion   200.00
Park Clean-Up                  30.00
Corn Roast                      100.00
Soccer                               200.00
Adult Softball                    100.00
Movies                               200.00
PO Box                                 40.00
Total Expenses           $2,510.00

By-laws  - The DACA By-laws need to be revised to meet the needs and reflect the organization. Copies were distributed and all were asked to review and bring
back comments and recommendations to November’s meeting. The By-laws revisions will be a lengthy process over several meetings.

Candidates Night – A joint event with Clements Circle and Old Rosedale Gardens will be held on October 22 at Emerson Middle School. All candidates have
responded, agreed to participate.