Meeting Minutes 2009-2010
June 14, 2010

Members Present:
Ryan; Reimer; Bagazinski; Plafchan; Spilsbury; Wisecarver, S.; Wisecarver D.;Kolhoff; Klein; Bollman
Treasurer’s Report:   Current balance is $4676.75
Membership: Membership is currently 194, 2 non-resident members and 3 honorary.

Old Business:
     Soccer: AK: Spring season ended 6/5 with a pizza party. 100+ kids played soccer. Fields needed mowing frequently because of rainy spring. Fall soccer
begins 9/11. Sign up will be at Corn Roast.
     Park Clean-up: SK: Cancelled because of flooding rain. FR: Shred Legal provided  document shredding. Waived fee due to so few people bringing
documents. Have agreement to retain their services next from 11-1.
     Movies: FR: First movie “Alvin and the Chipmunks, the Squeakquel” was on 6/12. Had an improved screen. Approx. 110 people attended. Concession took in
$81.20 Total rental for all 3 movies will $1050.00
     Co-Ed Softball: SK: 74 players 5 coaches DACA will field 5 teams, Old Rosedale 3 and Clements Circle 2.  Adult softball made a profit of $469.39. Fees are
going up. There will be no game 6/20.
     Traffic: Commissioner Gebhardt to provided SEMCOG traffic study.

New Business:
     Newsletter: AK: articles due 6/19. Ted Delphia has offered to print newsletter. Scouts to deliver between 6/26-7/6.
     Corn Roast: AK: Looking for co-chair. SP, FR and DR not available for Corn Roast.  First committee meeting 6/23.         
Other Business: DW: Need to plan for future, new officers. Need to set a roadmap for the future.

March 8, 2010

Members Present:  Ryan; Reimer; Bagazinski, C.; Plafchan; Klein; Kolhoff; Spilsbury; Martin; Falkowski; Gebhardt; Grzebik; Weis; Case; Bagazinski, J.
Treasurer’s Report:  Current balance is $2494.37
Motion by C. Bagazinski to authorize spending $600.00 for storage ad meeting room rental for one year. 2nd S. Plafchan. Motion: Approved
Membership: Membership is currently 178, 2 non-resident members and 3 honorary. AK, SW and CB to form membership subcommittee.

Old Business:
     Activities: AK: Still going to send email to gauge interest. SP: Concern over the amount of money that Archie’s would expect versus the number of
     Easter Egg Hunt: AK: The church has cancelled the hunt for this year over concern about the weather.
     Soccer: AK: Registration has begun. Spring season to begin 4/24.
     Park Clean-up: SK: Clean-up date is 5/1 starting at 10 a.m. FR: LPS has given permission to use the Jefferson parking lot from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. for
document shredding. Old Rosedale and Clements Circle to be invited.
     Co-Ed Softball: SK: Last year DACA fielded 4 teams, Old Rosedale 2 and Clements Circle 1. Games are played every Sunday from Memorial Day to Labor
Day. Cost will be $20.00 non-DACA members and $15 for members.
     Movies: FR: No movies chosen yet. First movie to be 6/19
     Traffic: Nothing new. Commissioner Gebhardt to provide traffic studies in regard to left turn light at Joy/Merriman.

New Business:
     Newsletter Advertising: AK and FR to meet to put together a sales kit for newsletter ads.
Other Business:
     Franklin Senior All night Party: JG: A benefit for the party to be held at Buffalo Wild Wings, 6677 North Wayne Road, Westland on 4/14.

December 14, 2009

Members Present: Ryan; Plafchan; Kolhoff; Wisecarver, S.; Holycross: Klein: Banny
Treasurer’s Report:         Current balance is $2496.19
Membership: Membership is currently 178, 2 non-resident members and 3 honorary.

Old Business:
     Membership: AK, SW and CB to form membership subcommittee.
     Activities: SW: Archie’s has offer to allow DACA to use their greenhouse room for an adults only game night. Food & Beverage must be purchased for the
room to be free of charge. Thursday and Friday nights were suggested by Archie’s. AK to send email to gauge interest.
     Traffic: SP: Traffic Commission voted at August meeting to remove left turn lane from westbound Schoolcraft onto southbound Middlebelt.
New Business:
     Meeting Dates: Discussed options for meeting dates. Have general membership meetings monthly, quarterly, bi-yearly, having floating dates or set meeting
dates. Motion by M. Banny to met quarterly with one meeting in October as specified in By-Laws and have 3 other meeting with dates TBA. 2nd S. Klein
     Motion: Approved.
Other Business:
     Church: Would like to have a joint garage sale with DACA in the spring.
     Census: It is important that all residents are counted. Snowbirds that reside here for 6 months should be counted here.
     Library: Noble branch has new hours: Monday and Wednesday 10-8, Tuesday, Thursday Saturday and Sunday Closed, Friday 9-5

November 9, 2009
Members Present: Ryan; Reimer; Bagazinski; Kolhoff; Falkowski; Wisecarver, S.; Wisecarver, D.; Queen; Plafchan; Spilsbury; Case; Caloia
Treasurer’s Report:         Current balance is $3208.17.
Membership: Membership is currently 177, 2 non-resident members and 3 honorary.

Old Business:
Movies in the Park: FR: Nothing new to report
Fall Soccer: 80+ children have played. 10/14 was last day. Everyone had fun and there were no injuries.
Halloween: Church did not hold ‘Trunk or Treat’. There was only one report of vandalism on Devil’s Night.
Neighborhood: DW: Radar speed signs did slow traffic down.
Removal of traffic signs still an issue. Eric Lawrence of the Detroit Free Press ( is interested in public comment of the removal of the
New Business:
Membership: Suggestions for boasting membership:
  -Newsletter list w/current members.
  -Website list w/current members.
  -Mail renewal reminders.
  -Welcome letter to new neighbors w/1/2 off memberships.
        Neighbor to neighbor
        City Hall
   Newsletter articles
        -Discount for activities w/membership.
        -Coupons from DACA and/or sponsors.
        -Decal for windows        
Other Business:
    Meeting Dates: Motion tabled.
    Event Calendar:         
                    Park Clean-up   5/1
                    Fall Soccer       9/11

October 12, 2009 - Annual Meeting
Members Present: Ryan; Plafchan; Kolhoff; Banny; Bagazinski; Caloia; Spilsbury; Grzywalz; Klein, R.; Klein, S.; Cardents; Martin; Weis; Wisecarver, D.;
Wisecarver, S.; Case
Treasurer’s Report:        Current balance is $3062.11.
Membership: Membership is currently 172, 2 non-resident members and 3 honorary. 1/3 of renewals are members that had lapsed. Q3 is when most renew or

Services that D.A.C.A. provides:
    Co-Ed Softball                                Ideas
    Youth Soccer; Spring /Fall                        T-ball
    Movies in the Park                                Art Fair
    Corn Roast                                        Indoor movies
    Park Cleanup
    Easter Egg Hunt
    City Advocacy
    Advocacy:                                        Community:
    Speeding on streets                                Thank you notes on street repair
    Neighborhood Watch                                Library Postings - Newsletters
    Crime Report
    City Neighborhood resource for residents via web or packet
Old Business:
2008/2009 Activities: AK:
Activity        Participants
Co-Ed Softball        80
Soccer        80
Movies in the Park        100-150 for each film
Corn Roast        172 with rain date
Easter Egg Hunt        200
Newsletter was delivered 3 times        

By-Laws: AK:Revisions to Article III and Article VIII.
Motion to amend by D Wisecarver, 2nd C. Bagazinski
Amendment: Approved

Neighborhood Safety: AK: A resident had 4 wheels stolen off of his vehicle while it parked in front of his house.
D. Wisecarver and S. Wisecarver to contact LPD re: radar speed signs.
New Business:
Budget: AK: 2008/09 Income Statement shows a net loss of $895.60. Corn Roast revenue was down $150.00. Membership dues revenue is down. Soccer is
carrying DACA. Presented proposed budget for 2009/10. Propose to increase 2009/10 budget by $210.00. Motion to approve 2009/10 Budget as presented by
S. Plafchan, 2nd S. Klein. Motion: Approved
Membership: Tabled
Meeting Dates: Tabled

2009-2010 Calendar:
Easter Egg Hunt        3/20/10
Spring Soccer                4/24/10
Park Clean-up                5/1/10
Corn Roast                 8/14/10
Fall Soccer                9/11/10

Other Business:
Game Nights: SW: Archie’s would host DACA game nights with no room rental charge with food and beverage purchases.
Candidate Night: AK: There will be a candidates night at Emerson Middle School @ 6:30 p.m.
Halloween: Church will be hosting Trunk or Treat on 10/31.